Membership Requirements

  1. You must be technically competent. JetCafe will provide support for our end, e.g. a JetCafe server going down. Also, JetCafe does not have a support staff nor any client-side tech support. Sorry, yer on yer own. (Note that this does not mean that we won't fix problems if they occur on our side, it just means that we expect that you are a person capable of diagnosing whatever client side problems might be present.)

  2. You must be technically aware and responsible. The internet is a BIG place, with lots of people who like to break into computer systems. JetCafe is not going to handle issues of security for you. (This doesn't mean that we will have a null password on router accounts either.) You are responsible for your own computer security. You are also responsible if someone reports a hack attempt originating from your machine.